Unexpected maintenance charges for parents nursing costs from the German social office

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30.11.2009815 Mal gelesen
You are living in a foreign country? The social office get hold of your address to claim maintenance from you, for your parents living in Germany? We've got rising inquiries from citizens living in foreign countries, receiving unexpected maintenance charges for their parents nursing costs from the German social office.
The reason: The German old age period of living is extending. The amount of people depending on old age nursing is rising. Someone who can't afford the nursing costs is a dependent of the social help.
Due to the continually rising costs, the social office is doing all to make the guardian of the effected covering their nursing costs. Because the person inneed of care has the right to get maintenance from his/her relatives. This kind of maintenance due to the policy can be used for nursing care.
The dependent just need to name his guardian. Than the social office will inform the guardian, about the responsibility. In the meantime they expect you to reveal your finances so they can proof whether you are capable or not. The guardian of first level is responsible for this matter of course, but his spause or partner must reveal its financial info too. On request the employer must inform the social office about their employees occupation, company and salary. The income tax office must supply information too. The abolition of the bank details can be demanded. Afterwards the social office will proof the efficienty and examine, by considering your situation to come the amount of maintenance fee to be charged.
These demand is increasingly effecting the children living in foreign states. Persons with foreign residences have other provisions which the social office did not always pay attention to.
We have repeatedly tried and defended successfully against the local social offices claiming maintenance funds from the children living in Switzerland, USA and South Africa.
We can inform you how to handle in such cases against the authorities, on your request we will provide you with details about your rights and possibilities an keep contact for others experiencing the same situation.
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