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05.02.2010683 Mal gelesen
Die Kosten für sogenannte E-Discovery steigen! Die Kostenspirale des US Beweisverfahrens.... Auszug aus dem Wall Street Journal.
Digital Discovery Ups Costs
Digital discovery is more expensive than ever, reports the Wall Street Journal, sometimes even prohibitively so. The cost to reproduce and turn over digital data, particularly in complicated civil cases, is dramatically driving up litigation costs, sometimes to the point where cases with little merit are settled rather than tried, for fear of the potential expense. Or, deserving cases go unfiled because the "cost of getting the information is much higher than what the case is worth," said John Raiej, chief of the Rules Committee Support Office of the Administrative Office of the D.S. Courts. Volumes of information have gone from megabytes to terabytes for cases concerning big corporations. Houston attorney  Sam Guiberson offered that the problem results from companies not realizing that information retention is part of a normal business practice. When facing litigation, enormous allocations of money must then be spent to reconstruct information. 'The solution begins with corporations and other business entities understanding that (litigation is part of the due course of their business," said Guiberson.